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Victoria Area Nurse Practitioners aims to deliver expert medical assistance and treat every patient with care and compassion. Get in touch to learn more!

Who We Are

The Victoria Area Nurse Practitioners was established in 1994 with a vision and passion for uniting all nurse practitioners in the Golden Crescent area of Texas. The purpose of this organization is to promote networking, improve education, and create consumer awareness to bring about a change in the medical world. Additionally, the organization promotes legislative issues concerning nurses in advanced practice.

At Victoria Area Nurse Practitioners, our goal is to provide the best healthcare possible to the citizens of Texas. We work towards establishing better communication and cooperation channels with other groups who share the same mission. The VANP serves the counties of Victoria, Calhoun, Jackson, Lavaca, Karnes, and Matagorda and meets bi-monthly for business and educational sessions.

Victoria Area Nurse Practitioners

Why Should You Trust Us?

We have a team of licensed nurse practitioners who go above and beyond to ensure they provide the best medical care possible. Their knowledge, decision-making skills, and clinical competencies are beyond comparison. The medical facilities that we provide at Victoria Area Nurse Practitioners are as below:

  • Assess and diagnose illness and disease
  • Order and analyze patient tests
  • Prescribe medication
  • Create patient treatment plans
  • Provide primary care for health maintenance across the lifespan
  • Perform minor surgery
  • Collaborate and refer to specialists when warranted
  • Provide specialty services

A Boost to the Nurse Practitioners

Regular Meetings

VANP conducts frequent meetings, which is an excellent opportunity to understand the viewpoint of other nurse practitioners having the same mission. This leads to a more significant generation of ideas and a better flow of information.


We believe education is vital in delivering top-quality medical services to patients.
At Victoria Area Nurse Practitioners, we provide the best educational exposure to the nurses and strive toward their professional growth.


At VANP, we believe that nurse practitioners should be awarded for their excellence and hard work.
In addition to our educational facilities, we offer various scholarships to deserving candidates. This drives them towards working better and delivering the best possible care to the patients.

Hassle-Free Experience

VANP prides itself in offering multiple opportunities and addressing the legislative needs to reduce barriers preventing nurse practitioners from providing the necessary care and attention to the patients.

Effective Platform

A centralized communication platform is a must for practicing and potential nurse practitioners, patients, employees, legislators, and consumers to come up with questions regarding local nurse practitioners and their practice.
VANPs website offers great information about the group, our profession, and scope of practice, and lists the various upcoming events.

For Paying your Dues

Mail your due:

PO BOX 4710, Victoria, TX 77903

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Opportunities for continuing education funds
Practice and legislative alerts
Scholarships that recognize and promote excellence in our profession
An opportunity to network with peers and share information and ideas pertinent to our
Providing state updates regarding our legislative needs in reducing barriers that
prevent us from offering our patients the best care
Access to include yourself in the website directory
Annual group photo
Opportunity to attend our annual fundraiser – VANP Gala
Strength in numbers – membership gives VANP a more powerful collective voice in
the Victoria Area
Supporting the Golden Crescent